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Our Approach

Business = Customer Focused

As an entrepreneur we know customer feedback and customer experience is the fundamental of growth

Businesses are always optimistic about the future and expect their business to keep growing

Revenue growth is achieved through improving existing customer experience, retention and re-engaging, launching new products and services, new customer acquisition activities

It’s never been more important to come up with a strong mobile strategy for the different aspects of the business

“Time Required” is the biggest barrier to adopting new technology

Creating hit products isn’t easy, but, as many business product developers know that we are more likely to succeed if we have a deeper understanding of our customers

In USA, for the year 2018 an amount of US $ 99.5 Billion was invested in innovative technologies through 5,536 deals

US Corporate have been actively participating in investing and conducting M&A for their growth. For the year 2018 USA Corporate invested US $ 26.5 Billions in innovative technologies through 1046 deals

Business Impactful Relationship

Organic Growth Scouting - Organisational, Product, Marketing and Process Innovation

Scope your business growth bottle neck

Source relevant innovations – filtering innovative deal flow from around the world and proposing ideal value opportunity

Guide you to develop innovative business models and structured processes across the complex processes of assessing, validating, on-boarding and integrating innovative technologies into the existing business

With a priority of creating value, advise the business about valuable licensing and strategic investment opportunities

Bottom Line – Business specific innovative ideas and technologies are proposed for better productivity, products and services and customer experiences.

By the numbers


Technology Sectors


Investments - Acqui-Hire & M&A


Business to Business Technologies

70 %

Early Stage Technology


Business Verticals


Business Exits


Business to Consumer Technologies

30 %

Growth Stage Technology
You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new
— Steve Jobs
Our Philosophy

Foundation of RMK Scale Ventures


Supporting Founders

Figure out what problem their customers need them to solve
Bring out their actual values within the startup
Hiring at scale and increasing customers at scale
Strategic networking for mentoring


Focus On

Quality – Quality of Decision Over Quality of Outcome
Growth – Grow from small to very large fast



Growth Accounting – User Growth, Revenue Growth
Cohorts and LTV – Both Revenue and Engagement
Depth of Engagement and quality of revenue


Advising Businesses

Window to ever changing Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem
Look at the business with an eye from startups
Re-look at internal products and services offering
Re-Look at external customer offerings
Co-Development and Product Enhancement opportunities

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